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If you are someone who has shifted homes, then you would know what an incredibly challenging task it is. This is a job that is incredibly time consuming and trying as well, so if you fail to invest in the right moving company, then you will never be able to get the job done in record time. We at Geaux Movers are a company which has been around for a long time and over the years our company has managed to reach the pinnacle of success owing to the dedicated service of every single employee of the company.

So, when you work with us, then you can look forward to the following services!

Great packaging
One of the best part about working with us, is that we have a great packaging methodology. This implies that we make sure, whether small or big, all products are packaged in a proper manner, making use of only the best quality material. That is why you can rest assured that your products are going to reach their destination in proper condition. Very often when articles are not packaged in a proper manner, they end up reaching the destination broken, but this is one problem you don’t have to worry about when working with us.

Excellent protection
Apart from packaging the goods in a proper and professional manner, we also make sure, that the journey to the required destination is smooth sailing. At no point in time will you find our movers arriving to the place late or without the goods in tip- top condition. We always make sure that we take the best route available, so that we do not end up facing any kind of issues. If you wish, then you can even keep a track of things, by making use of your smart phone. Our GPS system is in place and we pride ourselves on being incredibly tech savvy.

Careful storage of products
Prior to getting the show on the road, whether to Slidell or Covington we make sure that we upload everything on to respective truck or carrier, with the uttermost care. At no point in time will you find our employees simply throwing property around or treating it in a manner which is utterly disrespectful. We always make sure that you get moving only after making a careful list of all the products which as have mounted on board and have made sure to secure everything with ropes and tape.

Masterful setting up
One of the best parts about working with us is that we make sure to get the job done in record time. Apart from moving the goods from one place to the other, we make sure to help in setting the things up as well. It is certainly not that we transport the goods and leave it up to you to arrange. Our company makes sure to complete the job with perfection and to help the clients with anything that they need. This having been said, we don’t just set things up, any old way, rather we do it very aesthetically.

Great Communication
At every turn you can rest assured that we will be communicating with you and updating you about everything that is taking place. At no point in time will you be anxious or confused about where your things are or about how far along the moving job has been completed. Our employees are truly exceptional at communication and prior to taking anyone on board; we make sure that we train them in a proper manner. Apart from this, you can be sure that you will not be over charged for these exceptional services. At all times, we make sure that our offer are both affordable and pocket friendly.

These are simply some of the few services which we offer to those availing of our long distance movers. Irrespective of whether you need your things to be moved to Baton Rouge, Metairie or New Orleans, you can rest assured we will get the job done in a proper manner. Our infrastructure is such that we are able to do any job with effortless ease and those who have placed their trust in us have been incredibly happy with the outcome.

Investing your money in a company is no small matter that is why, come what may we try our best to put a smile on all our clients’ faces. Had our services not been so exceptional, then we would not have been able to build such an incredible clientele. Most often than not we are willing to even bend backwards to do our job in a satisfactory manner. We make it a point to never deem a task completed, unless we are sure that it is done to the best of our ability.