With the increase of home sales, it is very easy to see why a lot of moving companies all over the country have become busier and booked much further in advanced. Estimates can differ from place to place, making the market even more competitive than ever.

Finding the right moving company might not really seem that hard, but there are companies that have reported bookings several months out. The smaller companies operating fleets of 10 or less trucks claim that the months of March and April were record months for business, while they stay booked solid from June to July. Movers are reminding consumers that it is a must to plan well in advance, especially since there are now lots of individuals and families moving. For those who have bigger houses, finding a mover on such short notice could be a bit impossible that might only lead to even more troubles in the future.
Larger moving companies, like household names you can see on trucks that go down the nearest interstate, have reported over 10% increase in business for the past few months. Many operators, however, are extremely optimistic, claiming that this is the first time this kind of upturn is seen since the recession which happened several years ago. Although some feel that the worst is over because of the signs of recovery, there are some who still wonder if it is real.

And then, there are those who make the most out of this situation. As the result of surge in business and lack of companies that can be hired on short notice, there are now tons of smaller companies that pop to existence every single day. There are older moving trucks that show up with new designs and logos on them even though majority of these will not be in business a few months from today. The long time companies can just look at them knowingly while shaking their heads.

Many of these new companies that are only out to take advantage of the demand will just do it for several months, some of which might end up damaging goods, and at the end of the day, they will be out and gone.
Sadly, there is very little which can be done to keep such companies from interacting with consumers who need moving services. Due to limited regulation, inexperienced and experienced movers alike know that it is up to consumers to research first and vet a certain mover before deciding to hire them. In general, the most important thing you can do is to check whether the business has been registered with the Department of Transportation or Motor Vehicles of your state and check if they have the necessary license for all the states where they offer their services.

However, there are a lot of consumers that have no idea that they need to watch their backs. All over the country, authorities have logged lots of complaints for the past several months, and the same trends are observed by the Better Business Bureau as well.
If you don’t want to fall prey into the hands of shady moving companies, make sure you research, research, and research.

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