With all the stress associated with packing and moving, it can be a quite overwhelming to choose the right moving company. With all those moving companies out there, where do you start your search in the first place? You probably heard from your relatives and friends who had terrible moving experiences, making it more of a daunting task. The moving process is a very serious job so you want someone worthy to trust to handle all your personal items.

If choosing the right movers, below are the top three things you have to know before you sign on that dotted line.

Is the Company Insured and Licensed?
The very first thing you have to know before you hire a mover is if they are insured and licensed to do so. Whether you believe it or not, some companies are advertising themselves as movers when they are not even legally authorized to do so. A deal which sounds too good to be true is probably is. It is very important considering that the moving company is in charge of the safe transport of your personal items. They will also be responsible for damages which might be incurred to your items both during the process of moving and transporting your goods. Don’t forget to check the insurance and license. It can end up expensive if you fail to do so.

How Much Will It Cost?
When you have narrowed down your list of potential companies, you can call them to invite them over for a free in-house estimate. See to it you show them all your items that will be moved for them to provide you an accurate estimate. These estimates are according to amount of time required to move your items so it is a must that you include closets, sheds, attics, and others. For an out of state move, you can ask if the company will provide a binding estimate put into writing, or better yet, a binding estimate that must not exceed than what was agreed. Whatever it is, you can be sure that you can put a cap on the charges you will incur. Without a binding contract, you might end up paying beyond the estimate. While different states have different rules when it comes to estimates, make sure you know how much the job will cost you.

What is the Company’s Reputation?
Ask your friends, coworkers, and even local real estate agents for recommendations. Don’t just rely on those catchy fliers or flashy ads. It is an industry where a recommendation or referral can go a really long way. You have to do your own homework and learn about the company’s reputation before you sign any contract. A great way to acquire this information is to meet actual customers. Gaining positive feedbacks from people you can trust can give you peace of mind when hiring a moving company. In the same way, getting negative reviews will help you stay away from a possibly risky situation.

Bear these things in mind before you hire a moving company to help you with your upcoming move.

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