Packing for the day of your move? Never forget your necessities including the easily overlooked essentials you will need on your day one in your house. With all the packing, planning, and other craziness that comes along with the process of entire relocation, it can be easy to forget small things that happen to make a huge difference on the day of the move. Besides, your toothbrush and phone charger are the last things you like to be searching for frantically after a tough moving day. Thus, without further ado, below are the top 3 items you should not forget on your moving day:

Basic Cleaning Supplies
Many of you have dreamed of your first glorious moment in your new home. The floors are gleaming, the closets are spick-and-span, and every toilet is clean only to end up they aren’t. More often than not, your new home might not be in its tip-top shape once you arrive. Even if its previous owners cleaned the place before you move, the home will still need dust cleaning as there could be some dirt particles in the corners and the floors might get dirty once you start to unload or unpack your things. So, before anything else, make sure that you bring your basic cleaning supplies to make your new home clean during your moving day.

Clothing Hangers
Whenever you are packing your things, it is recommended to up all your clothing hangers in the clear, plastic bin so you know where they’re in your new house. Or else, you might find yourself tearing through one of the boxes just to find something where you can hang your clothes. Once you have unpacked your things for your kitchen and bedroom, put the hangers in your closets. Through this, you may hang your all of your clothes once you unpack your boxes for clothing and you will not waste time daily looking for the garments you need.

Regardless of what you are doing, never forget your toolkit. Once you pack it with your things, see to it that you have labeled the box clearly. The chances of you needing the toolkit during your first day and a few weeks of living in your new house are high. While you might not be hanging photos on the wall, but you’ll probably require simple tools like a utility knife and measuring tape on day one in the new place of yours. Check to ensure that your toolkit include these items before you move:
Utility knives for opening boxes
Measuring tapes
Screwdrivers that are multiple-sized

If you aren’t planning personally to bring such items with you on the day of your move, see to it that you pack carefully and labeled everything in the box. Or else, you might be out of luck. When you are preparing for your moving day, see to it that you check out your checklist to make sure that your moving day will be a success.

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