Top Things are Commonly Forgotten on Moving Day

Moving day is a busy day. That is the main reason why most people commonly leave some items behind. Take note of some commonly forgotten items when moving and make sure that you take all of them with you.

Borrowed Items and Library Books
If you move to a new place with a borrowed book from a library or item from your friend, chances are that they are never going to their property again. It is because once you move, some items tend to stay in the boxes for months after your move day and when you get to the box where borrowed items were stored, you will likely forgotten about borrowing them. So, be attentive when packing the things that are not yours.

Personal Documents
If you are the most organized person on Earth, you might have a drawer or folder somewhere in your place that contains all your personal tax, financial, health, dental, and some documents you will need well after the move to your home. If you do not have all your documents, you might forget them during your move.

Jewelry and Valuables
Not all valuables are expensive as custom suit or jewelry. Some of them have sentimental value, yet this does not mean that you just forget them during a move. The best way to do when you are moving your valuables is putting them in an unmarked box.

If you are packing electronics, you would want to collect all remaining manuals for your electronic devices and tie altogether so you will not lose them in the move.

Dry Cleaning and Clothes
When you’re moving out of an apartment, you might give yourself an excuse to get rid of the clothes you don’t longer need. However, think of the dry cleaning you have not picked up since the start of week. Ensure that you take an inventory of your clothes so you won’t miss any of them.

These are the last thing that most of you would probably forget. Besides, nobody in the history has every forgotten and moved to bring their new keys with them. But, it’s something that you see all the time. To make sure that your keys are not forgotten during the day of your move, determine the keys that you need to bring with you and ensure that they are located somewhere you cannot lose them, be it in your back pocket or in your purse.

Small Kitchen Appliances and Coffee Makers
If you have lived in a building or an apartment for a long time, it can be hard to make an account of each item you require to move. For example, coffee makers are commonly left-behind things as some expect that there would be another coffee maker waiting for them in their new place. Nevertheless, this isn’t always the case. So, never forget your small kitchen appliances and include them in your list.

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