Different complications and mishaps can happen during a long distance move. There is no doubt that long distance moves tend to be a very complex and complicated process which calls for lots of preparations and planning.
Before you take a plunge into your long distance move, there are some important facts about it that you have to keep in mind:

An Inventory is Always a Must
Preparing an inventory of all the items that you will take with you during your long distance move is specifically important for all the obvious reasons. Knowing what you will bring with you will make it much easier to determine if something goes missing, not to mention that this can also help you stay as organized as possible throughout the process. In case something really happens, the moving insurance will be responsible for covering the items that you have included in the inventory.

Long Distance Moves Can Be Based on Volume
When it comes to long distance moves based on volume, the charges will be determined based on the amount of space that your items will occupy inside the truck. Your chosen moving company is going to give you the predetermined rate for every cubic foot which will be dependent on your destination location.
After the items have been loaded into moving truck, your mover is going to calculate the actual moving costs and volume.

Long Distance Moves Can Be Based on Weight
For long distance moves that are based on weight, the mover is going to weigh the specific truck that is used for the pickup before and after the goods have been loaded in it. This difference between these two weights is going to be the actual weight of your shipment. The charges are going to be done based on the pre-determined rate for every pound.

Estimating Methods
Majority of long distance movers are going to use a large 50-foot semi trailer for the long distance deliveries. It only means that the shipment you got will be combined with some other shipments, with the movers charging based on the percentage of space your items will occupy in the vehicle. The two methods most commonly used for pricing the long distance move depend on volume and weight.
Packing Charges for the Long Distance Moves
Breakables and packing boxes are typically not part of the price of long distance moves. See to it that you check the packing rates as well as the possibilities with your chosen moving company in advance.

Extra Tip: Map the Journey
See to it that you try to figure out how you will travel in advance. By mapping the journey, you can make things so much easier. Will you fly to your destination and let the long distance

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