Top Facts about Moving to Baton Rouge, LA

Situated near the banks of Mississippi River, Baton Rouge is a Louisiana’s capital and the second biggest city in Bayou State after the New Orleans. As a capital city, it’s renowned as the state’s political center, yet the charming city has more to offer and these include excellent education, strong economy, delicious foods, unique culture and music like you have never heard before.

If you are planning to move to Baton Rouge, you must know deep inside that you are making the best and right choice. As the 3rd most southern capital city, it is definitely a charming and an exciting destination that would appeal to anybody who wants to immerse into its rich culture, get topnotch education, enjoy year-round festivals, and taste some delicious foods. Below are some of the things you should know before you move to Baton Rouge:

Topnotch Education
Baton Rouge is basically viewed as a college city. In fact, college and university students make up around twenty percent of the city population. As results, businessmen frequently state that their businesses greatly benefit from the educated people and wealth of young in this city. Baton Rouge is the home to LSU or Louisiana State University, which is a public coeducational university founded in year 1853. These days, the main campus of LSU is spread out on the 650-acre place along the Mississippi River banks and with over two hundred fifty buildings on it. Some notable institutions of higher education in this city include Our Lady of Lake College, Baton Rouge Community College, and Southern University. Conveniently, a good number of the top colleges and universities in Louisiana are situated within an hour drive from the city.

Strong Economy
The capital of Louisiana boasts a strong economy. The biggest industry in Baton Rouge is manufacturing and production with Baton Rouge Refinery, which is the 4th biggest oil refinery in this country. Moreover, the tenth biggest in the country when it comes to shipped tonnage is Port of Greater Baton Rouge. In addition to that, Baton Rouge has kept its position as the major medical, industrial, research, and motion picture hub. Baton Rouge’s top employer remains the state government that employs thousands of employees.

Unique Culture
This vibrant city has its own one-of-a-kind culture. Baton Rouge is considered to be the Louisiana’s genuine center in terms of cultural emotion. Majority of homes are adorned heavily with big balconies due to Caribbean and African American influential periods. The music in the city is also an exciting combination of Cajun, Blues, and Zydeco while the unique food is a tasty blend of French, Creole, African American, and Spanish cuisine. Inviting concert halls, theater venues, and fine restaurants and thrilling museums can be found throughout the city and await to be enjoyed by some local residents and lucky visitors.
Aside from what were mentioned above, there are also other things to do and see in Baton Rouge. If you are interested with various things, there are vast opportunities for leisure, fun, and excitement in the capital of Louisiana.