Top 5 Things to Know before Hiring a Moving Company

Moving can be a very hectic bout of planning and activities. One of these activities is trying to figure out how you can transfer your things from your old place to the new one. With all the moving companies out there, how do you select the best one for your needs? Continue reading on to discover the top 5 most important things you have to keep in mind before you hire a moving company to ensure a smooth sailing experience.
Do Your Homework

When you hire a mover, remember that it isn’t as easy as hiring the first company you come across with. You will move your whole life and all of its memories from one home to another so you have to work with only a reputable and professional company. Ask family and friends for recommendations. As you start preparing a list, check online for ratings and reviews to narrow down your list.
It’s Important to Work Only With Professionals

There are some people who are skeptical with the idea of hiring movers. They think that they can save some money and get their brothers and friends to help them. They have a truck and things will be easy. But, after several boxes of damaged items and frustrating hours into the move, they will end up rethinking or even regretting the decision. There is a reason why professional movers exist. They move things every single day, all day long. It means they have the necessary equipment, experience, and knowhow for moving quickly with no need to damage your important belongings.
Request for Onsite Estimate

It is a must to have a representative from every moving company to come and personally visit your house to check the amount of items that will be moved prior to offering a quote. This will give you the assurance that you wouldn’t be surprised with the unexpected increase in price on your moving day. See to it that you show them all the things that will be moved, and avoid springing surprises on them as well on your moving day. All quotes must be put into writing to have a proof of estimate later on.
Understand All Fees Clearly

Once you have requested for the estimates from several companies, inquire about the things included in the cost. Are the movers going to pad and protect all your items at this set price? Do you have items which will require special attention, thus incurring an extra cost? Will they charge extra if they will carry heavy items down stairs or through narrow doors or hallways? All these things must be settled as well before you agree to hire movers.

Discuss the Terms of Payment
Be wary of those moving companies that urge you to pay in full way before the completion of the move. A reliable company will often necessitate you to pay a lion’s share of the overall cost once the move is finished, and you are done accounting for all your belongings. Once you have checked that everything arrived safe and sound, you will be comfortable to pay for the service, and even give a tip if they did an amazing job.

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