Simple Checklist for Long Distance Moving

Moving out from your old place to a new one can be overwhelming. Making your own checklist of the things you should do before your long distance move would help you experience a smooth transition.
Make a List of Important Supplies

Renting some packing boxes for the move-out reduces down on money and time spent on boxing, cutting, taping, and wrapping. Reusable rental containers are eco-friendly and produce no waste. A lot of packing containers have handles on them for quick lifting and may be stacked perfectly that offers more stability. If you consider using clear reusable packing materials, it’ll be easier to see what’s in every container once you arrived at your new place. This will simplify the unpacking process.

With such containers, they are good for the environment as they are self-closing, which only means that you don’t need to use tape when sealing them. They also save money and cleanup efforts. For your clothing, you must use the conventional boxes. Movers can place your clothing on hangers in the wardrobe boxes that will save you lots of time when unpacking later.

Things to Do Before Moving Out of State

Arrange for all utilities to be cancelled at your old place and turned them on in your new home a day before your move. There are times that cable and utility technicians cannot make it to your place for a few days and it’d be awful to live without such basic necessities for this long. See to it that you forward all mail one week in advance through the local post office. Notifying your bank, work, and some income sources before is perfect, since this could take up some business days to process changes. Doing that in advance will let you get rid of stress and will allow you to save more time when settling in your new home.
Safety Should Be Your Top Priority

The first thing you should do when moving to a new place is checking all door and window locks. You must also check the pre-installed security system. Changing the bolt locks and door knob on all exterior doors is important. People who have entered the home previously might still have the keys. Installing a chain lock to keep security is cheap aside from the traditional door knob and dead bolt locks. The chain requires more time to open when somebody is knocking at the door. Homeowners may also install a peephole to see who’s at the door before opening it.
Declutter Before You Move

A lot of landlords might claim that have had professional cleaning service handle all required cleanings before moving in. While they might have had somebody clean up, that group or person likely did a basic job cleaning place where bacteria thrive. You must re-clean each place that you suspect wasn’t cleaned well before move-in.

You don’t have to make things very complicated prior to your long distance move. All you need is to make a checklist and hire professional movers if possible.

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