Preparing to Move in Mandeville

Every year, many homeowners in Louisiana pack up their homes and head out across the town or country to start anew. Although it is exciting to live in a new place, the thought of packing boxes, sorting through your belongings, and loading trucks is far from being exciting.
When preparing your move in Mandeville, there are several things you can do to ensure that your move will be as smooth and seamless as possible.

De-clutter Your House
Sift through all your belongings before anything else. Here, you can choose to sell some stuff, donate, or toss them. If you have some unwanted stuff, you can also hold a garage sale. It will help you in saving on your packing expenses as there is no need for you to pack things you don’t want and need in the first place. The cash you will earn from your garage sale can be used for the packing expenses on things you still want.

Think of Storage
If you will sell your home and move away, you might want to put some of your stuff first in a storage unit. Just keep those things that you will use for your new home. It can be considered as a good short term measure while your home is still on the market, and not a long term option for storage. Avoid wasting money paying for storage of things you no longer plan to use in your new house.

Prepare Your Pantry
Before your move, use frozen food, canned goods, and other items which will not travel well. Make sure you only buy those that you can use before the move.

Set Aside Your Important Items
Make sure that you keep your checkbooks, passports, medications, and other important items. You have to keep these separate from your daily belongings. Never put these inside boxes that will head off in a moving truck.

Pack by Room
Label all boxes to indicate their contents and the specific room where they are supposed to be go. As for the boxes which contain items you will need right away upon arriving in your new home. Label them with open first. These should contain must-have items such as bath towels and toilet paper.For additional peace of mind, you can also number the boxes, and track them and their contents in a spreadsheet. It is also handy to use color-coded labels to identify your things by room, such as orange for the kitchen, and green for the bedroom.

Get Rid of Distractions
Set arrangements for your kids and pets to be away from the house during your moving day. This will help a lot in easing the stress not only for you but also for the movers.

Don’t Forget the Utilities
Finally, schedule the transfer or disconnection of your utilities at home such as your cable TV and electricity, for the day right after you will be out of your house. Through this, you will have access to electricity and other similar services right after your move.

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