Plan your Office Move with Commercial Movers

  Business gets big and things start to expand, you may want to consider relocating your office. When more business comes more employees, more staff and of course much more needed space. When it comes to moving your business logistically it can be a nightmare if not done properly and shut down your operations for days, maybe even weeks. You will definitely want to consider your businesses esstentials needed for daily operations and make sure you have internet, phone, and power ready to go once you move into your new location.

Important things to take into consideration before your commercial move.

  • Computer System Setups
  • Phone Systems
  • Logistics of day to day
  • Coffee!

Make sure the moving company you hire has the logistic team and solutions to get you moved within the time frame you need otherwise you could be stuck in the middle of a move with half your furniture at one location or even worse stuck with it on the truck. Most of the times its best to use as many men as possible to relocate an office to cut down on the time needed to move.

You will want to make sure you get a walk through estimate done on your commercial move before choosing a Moving Company to ensure they have a plan to action in place to relocate your business in a timely fashion.

  New Orleans is a busy place to move and streets are tight you will want to make sure you have reserved the loading docks for your office move and have all the proper permits in place for street parking and loading on the day of your move, if you are hiring a local new orleans commercial moving company you will want to make sure they are licensed, bonded, and insured. Get the facts from the company make sure they are legit and can handle the size move you have.

Dissembly and assembly of your office furniture may be necessary you will want to make sure the moving company you hire has the know how to take down and set up your furniture in a timely fashion to keep your business productivity up and running.

If you a looking for a major commercial moving company to relocate your business Geaux Movers offers specials on all office relocations and corprate moves. Get in touch with one of our commercial estimators today and see why Geaux Moving Company can save you money.

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