Tips to Organize Your Kitchen Before Your Moving Day
Even before you start to pack for a move, you will definitely need to prepare a specific room. It especially applies to your kitchen, which happens to serve as the home to a lot of trinkets and small items.
You will be able to save time if you organize first before you dive into the process of packing when moving to a new home. This means that you have to sort out everything inside your kitchen to avoid packing and moving unnecessary stuff. This can help a lot of making your move, whether long distance or local, as simple and stress-free as possible.

Prepare for Kitchen Organization
The very first step to organize your kitchen is to sort through your pans, utensils, dishware, and cookware. Will you keep them? Sell some? Donate the rest? Or just throw away majority of the stuff?
Whether to leave it or keep it is often an easy decision for appliances, pans and pots, and tableware. For instance, if there are already appliances in your new home, you might be better off if you ditch the old ones.
How about smaller containers? Good examples are spices. Most of these are pricey, and it probably took you years to complete your collection. It will cost you a lot if you replace your collection so it makes perfect sense to properly pack them.

Another important consideration is where you will be moving to. If you will have a local move, there are many shops where you can get replacements for your kitchen items. However, if you will move somewhere far or remote, getting new items might require you to order online and pay for pricey shipping costs.

Donate, Sell, or Toss?
How will you decide what you will do on those things you won’t take with your during your move? Lay out everything you will leave behind. Ask family members and friends to get the ones they want. If there are items in bad shape, you can recycle or just trash them altogether. Thrift shops will not accept items they can no longer sell. Do you love organizing garage sales? After your family and friends made their pick, you can hold a garage sale or you can sell some items online?

What about Food in Your Kitchen?
Before the day of the move, you can ask your neighbors if they like any of the food you have stocked in your freezer or refrigerator. Even if you will only move locally, it will require you a significant amount of energy and time to pack up fresh, refrigerated, and frozen food. if no one likes a specific food, you can just throw it away.

How About Cleaning Supplies?
A lot of homeowners end up collecting a variety of cleaning items after some time. Check below your sink for opened containers which have been there for years. Since these are no longer sealed, these might spill when you pack them. You can give these away to neighbors or safely dispose them. Check with your recycling and garbage utility for further instructions.

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