If you think that moving is tough, try moving at last minute. The thought of packing your things on a short notice can be overwhelming. Make sure that you keep this last minute moving checklist in mind to make the process efficient and painless.

Get Help from Moving Professionals
Nobody is expecting you to do all things on your own. Moving to a new house is actually nerve-racking enough without an added pain of doing everything at last minute. That is why it is recommended to enlist help and delegate as much as possible. Start searching for moving companies and if most of your friends can’t help you in packing, hire moving experts to do the job for you. it will free up some time for you.

Schedule Your Movers
Choose your preferred moving day and consider scheduling movers at the soonest time possible. Given that it is a last minute move, you might have to contact some moving companies until you have found some that are available on your perfect moving date. The best advice is to check the company reviews and compare some quotes. See to it that the moving professionals will come to your home for in-person estimate. Within one week, you must secure your preferred moving company. Searching for the right movers is a bit challenging. Yet, with the countless movers offering services, you can easily find the one that will suit to your moving needs.

Give Your Notice
Moving may give you distractions. Just do not forget to let your roommates and landlord know. They will have to start searching for a new tenant as early as possible. It is recommended to double check your lease for particular details on the ways to break it including the days notice is needed.

Clean Your Old Home
Before leaving, consider checking your closets and drawers again. See to it that you clean out your fridge and freezer completely. Check the washer or dishwasher for anything left behind. It is recommended to hire housekeeping professionals that will help you clean before leaving. If you are renting, it is a small price to pay to get your deposit back. Another way to make sure that you are getting a full deposit back is to spackle the holes in your walls, damaged from the hanging photos. Some touch ups may go a long way.

Hand Over Your Keys
If you are renting, do walk-through with your landlord to ensure that everything is good to go. Then, hand over your keys to the right person and give yourself a tap on your back for a job well done in last minute moving.

Last minute moving might not be the easiest type of moving, but by considering that checklist in mind, you can be assured that you will get the job done right. Also, if you want to take all the hassles in your life during the day of your move, hire the best moving professionals near you and see the difference.

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