Where you keep all of your precious valuables before and during your moving day is crucial to their security and safety. Even if you might believe every individual you come across as reliable, it only takes a single theft to change what you’re thinking. So, why risk it once you could prevent it? Learn the security measures you could consider to keep all your valuables safe once you move.

Store Your Valuables in Safety Deposit Box
If you do not need immediate access, expensive jewelry, storing important papers, and some treasured heirlooms in the safety deposit box is a good option. For fees, your bank would store your valuables that will protect them until you have settled in your new house. Take note that you must not keep cash or something that you require immediately for the purpose of identification.

Take Inventory
Before undertaking any moving activity, why not take inventory of each of your belongings first? Decide what you consider important and what items have great value beyond sentimental and might attract sticky fingers. After that, determine where you should store them during the process of moving. When you take the inventory directly before the day of your move, take photos of the possessions as proof that they’re present that day in case they’re misplaced, broken or stolen.

Store with Relatives or Friends
If you have reliable relatives or friends willing to hold onto your things for you while moving, you might want to accept the offers. Along with ensuring they’re honorable, determine how they’ll store the items. Once you feel trepidation about storage methods, revisit some options.

Make Itemized Inventory
The first thing to ensure that all of your valuables are moved properly is to prepare itemized of the valuables you own. The list that can be as comprehensive or as simple as you prefer may be valuable to you in a lot of ways. You may use the list to make sure that all valuables arrive at the destination and if there’s something missing, you may preparer a new list easily as part of your insurance claim. If you have this list, consider it like your valuable as well because you don’t want to leave that around for anybody else to pick up easily and peruse. Lastly, never include identifying information personally, including your address or name, in case this does fall into the hands of the bad guys.

Take Photos of All of Your Valuables
Other than preparing a list, taking photographs of the valuable items may come in handy. This is crucial particularly to those that do not have documentation that verifies your ownership and their existence. Aside from the inventory’s dual role, the pictures may also have dual role. Not only do they count as visual record for the insurance purposes, yet pictures enable you to verify the item’s condition before it’s stored or moved. Having “before and after” photos can be very essential during the day of your move.

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