From New Orleans to Shreveport, the state of Louisiana takes pride in its zydeco beats and Cajun cuisine. And following the harsh aftermaths of oil spills and devastating hurricanes, Louisiana has managed to prove again and again, the state will not allow any adversities to clip its shining future short. If you have plans to move to Louisiana anytime soon, there are a few moving tips and tricks you have to keep in mind for you to have a safe and fun relocation to the Pelican State.

Pieces of Advice When You Move to Louisiana
Summers in Louisiana can be very humid and hot, with loads of precipitation, and summer and spring can also bring some really extreme weather. If you want to reduce the risks that weather will disrupt your move, you can try to schedule it during winter or fall.

The climate of Louisiana is extremely humid. If you are searching for storage space after you move to the state, see to it that the space you choose is ventilated to keep your valuables from rot damage.
Roads and highways in Louisiana are not properly maintained, and these are also usually littered with trash and debris so make sure you take extra care when you drive.
Although you don’t really require a moving permit when you move to Louisiana, the cities here tend to be busy and cramped so don’t forget to check the restrictions on local parking to keep yourself safe from any unexpected fines.

Louisiana festivals are also popular and they happen frequently. Always check the calendar of the city before you move to the state to avoid finding yourself stuck in large crowds.
If you will bring your pets with you, see to it that they have the necessary vacations and they are also protected from any parasites before you move to the state. Aside from that, depending on climate changes, let them accustom gradually to stay away from any health issues.
Metro Areas and Cities

When you move to Louisiana, it means that you will move to a diverse state, with towns and cities that all have their own unique character.
There is the capital of the state, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, dubbed as the Big Easy where festivals and music festivals are a way of life. The town of Shreveport is best known for its riverboat casino and horseracing track, with Lafayette being the Festival Capital of the state. Some other places you can call home are the family-friendly Lake Charles, Alexandria with its international airport and port, military-city Monroe, and commuter cities Kenner, Metairie, and Bossier City.

Louisiana’s Cost of Living
Louisiana’s cost of living is around 16.5% lower compared to the national average. Although the state has a somewhat high population density relying mostly on agriculture, food processing and local production is among the factors which makes the state’s cost of living affordable for majority of households that have an average annual income of $35,216.
Petroleum’s local production also keeps the prices of gas low, which is important since workers commute at an average time of 25 minutes.
Keep these tips and tricks when you move to Louisiana.

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