How to Label Boxes and Prepare to Move
Moving to a new home or office can be very time-consuming. However, staying organized throughout the process can make it a rewarding and convenient experience. Knowing how to label boxes and prepare to move will make it a breeze for you to unpack everything.


Designate an Open First Box
You might one to have a designated box that contains all the things you will need for the first day or night in the new place. It will include items from different rooms such as sheets from your bedroom, coffee pot from your kitchen, toiletries from your bathroom, and anything else you will be needed for that first night in your new location.

Pack by Room
For smart labeling system work well for you, you might want to pack things wisely. You can do it by organizing the boxes according to room. Pack things from the bedroom or from the kitchen in specified containers. Be sure that you don’t move any of these boxes prior to labeling them so that there is no need for you to open them up to take a look inside.

Label by Number
After you have packed all the things in an organized system, you are now read to label the boxes. One of the best labeling systems involves the use of numbers. Assign a number code for every area or room in your new place. It is best that you write down the room’s name and the number on at least three sides of every box so that you will not obstruct the labels once the boxes get stacked together.

Label by Color
Another way to label boxes is by using the color system. If you don’t have them yet, you can go out and buy a set of colorful markers, stickers, or tape from a shop that sells moving supplies. Every room must get its own unique color. For instance, you can put blue stickers on every kitchen box then use green ones for those that belong to the bathroom. You might also double the label by writing down the name of the room on every box, too. But, it will be easier for the moves to see your colors from a distance. In addition, when you use stickers, you can also add one to every wall or door in your new place for the movers to know where to put each box.

Print Packing Labels
People who are extremely organized also print out labels which include fields for the box’s content, room name, box number, notes, and a spot for putting the color code. You can fill out these labels on your computer or manually do it using a felt tip pen.

Other Tips on How to Label Boxes
If you happen to have expensive stemware or china pieces, you wouldn’t want the movers to roughly handle their boxes. In this case, you can use the tried and tested method of writing FRAGILE on several sides of the boxes. If there are boxes that should stand right side up, write down This End Up on that box. You can also use arrow stickers then put them on boxes to indicate the proper direction.


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