Should You Empty Dresser Drawers Before Moving?

Many homeowners are curious to know whether they should empty drawers before they move a dresser. Most of the time, the answer is actually a no. This is because professional moving companies can easily move your dressers even when they are fully loaded. While a full dresser is often heavy, you can save time when you don’t unload all its contents. You will also open up more space in your moving vehicle.

But, just like most things in this life, the trouble lies in the details. There are some situations when it is safer to unpack dressers prior to the move. Before you move your dresser, your moving professionals will evaluate the situation. They will check at the specific dress type you go, and what’s inside the drawers. If it is unsafe to move the dresser loaded, they will empty all drawers then pack items in different boxes, if you choose to do the packing on your own, here are some pointers on how to decide if you will empty your drawers or not before you move your dressers.

Is Your Dresser Solid and Sturdy Enough?
There is no need to empty all the drawers of a well-built dresser that is still in great shape. What will make a dresser solid and strong? The frame and drawers must all be solid. The corners and joints of the piece must be stable as well. Sturdy dressers are often made of solid wood and heavy.

When you lift your dresser and it feels a bit flimsy, make sure you empty all drawers before you move it. If your dresser is old or fragile, full drawers can end up stressing it. The wood could crack or the whole dresser might break apart when it is in motion. If your dresser is solid, professional movers will secure all drawers before they pick it up. They will also wrap your dresser in padding. There are also people who use a specific type of plastic wrap so that the drawers will not move. If you have a ready to assemble chest, don’t forget to empty all drawers. Take apart this kind of furniture before you pack and move it. When the dresser comes with an attached mirror, remove this mirror first then pack this separately.

Are You Strong Enough to Move It?
If you will move your dresser yourself, make sure that you have the strength needed to carry a heavy and bulky piece. You will have to keep your dresser upright when all drawers are fully loaded. Plan in advance to determine how you will get the dresser through the doors and down the stairs. It is definitely harder to carry a dresser when it is still loaded. Weight will never slow down expert movers as they have the equipment and muscle to safely move heavy and large items. If you and your movers cannot easily lift your dresser, try to make it lighter.

What’s Inside the Drawers?
When your dresser is solidly built, it is a must to unload it. You have to remove and pack specific kinds of belongings separately. In general, softer items like towels, sheets, pillows, or clothing can stay inside the drawers. Just make sure that your drawers are not overstuffed.

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