Moving involves lots of preparation. From boxing up all things to planning your moving, it is easy to forget planning for actual movers. Yet during the moving day, your hired moving professionals will be prepared to get the show on the road. See to it that you have prepared for the moving crew ahead of time. Never wait until the last hour to remember the things like crates for pets and cash for tipping. To make it much simpler, here are the ways to prepare for your moving crew before they arrive on the day of your move:

Let Your Moving Crew Know Where to Park
Parking is often overlooked by many people during the process of moving. Nevertheless, it should be an important consideration. Your moving crew will contact you on the day of your move to ask you about where they should park and will let you know that they are on their way. If you have not worked it out, you need to ensure that the movers have a place to park their moving truck. If you do not have your own driveway, you will have to secure parking pass or a special parking permission can be a good idea.

Box Up Your Things Properly
Unless your move involves packing service, it will be up to you to box up most of your things before your moving crew arrives. First and foremost, ensure that you have the right supplies and boxes before packing. You will need a lot of corrugated, sturdy boxes of each size for your rooms and foam pouches or bubble wrap for the fragile items. Take note that you also include some telescope boxes for mirrors, artwork, and TV. Bankers boxes are ideal for office supplies and files and the plastic bins can be used for electronics and clothing.

Protect and Prepare Your Home
Before your moving crew arrives, it is up to you to protect and prepare both your new and old home properly. If the weather brings snow, rain, sleet or ice, you will have to keep your home free from water damage. To get rid of tracking mud, placing big tarps or blankets on the doorsteps, doorways, hallway, and entryway is recommended. If the weather makes the floor slippery, it is a good idea to use salt in snowy or icy conditions.

Always Plan for All of Your Pets
Never forget about your pets. Before your moving professionals arrive, see to it that you have a place for your pet on moving day. Remember that movers will have to leave the front door wide open while they unload and load their trucks. Unluckily, this would make it easy for loose pets to quickly escape outside. So, if you don’t want this to happen, make sure that you contain your pets in a particular area during the move. Using crates and enlisting somebody to watch your pets can make a difference during the day of your move.

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