How to Plan on Moving an Art Collection

Art collections are a serious investment and for others, these are as valuable as bonds, cash, stocks, and jewelry. Thus, when it is the time to choose moving company, you should carefully choose the right one for your art collection to ensure that each of your precious work of art will be delivered in its original condition.

Customized Crating
Art isn’t made equally and fine art moving is done best with custom crating. It is basically the construction of the wooden crates made with every piece of art in mind. Wrap blankets around something, particularly if it is being moved across the country because it is a great way to jeopardize your investment.

Bigger Prices Like Sculptures
If part of your art collection includes sculptures, it is essential to hire a moving service that handles some big-sized items. If any artwork is breakable, ensure that they provide transport in the air-ride equipped trailers. This kind of suspension system provides higher shock absorbency compared to steel springs.

Warehouse Storage
There are cases that some of your art collection pieces should be stored for a particular period of time. That is the reason why you must look for a moving service that would accommodate this kind of request. Ask about their liability insurance, security, and some ways they will ensure that your art collection will be warehoused in a safe and secure manner.

Get References
Ask for some references to those who have used a moving service provider to move any kind of art collection. Ask some questions about some issues they did not think about prior to moving an art collection. In addition to that, know if the art they moved is the same to what you have including pottery, sculptures, paintings, stained glass, photography or metalwork.

Ensure Accurate Sizing as It’s Essential
Moving services will take care of measuring your artwork. With this, you can be assured that the proper type and size of equipment will be used. If it is not, there might be unnecessary movement or damage during transport.

Moving any kind of art collection isn’t the same with the typical project. It is more like a special moving project, which demands extra care and expertise. You have to take note that your collection is exceptional and once damaged, it can’t be replaced in any way. You don’t want to risk how much money you already invested with your art collection and how many years you’ve taken care of it. If you have some concerns or questions about moving your art collection, whether it has personal or commercial value, call professionals for assistance.

Nowadays, there are numerous moving professionals who offer you different kinds of services to ensure that you are satisfied with your needs. If you have particular art collection that you want to move to your new home, make sure that you hire only the best ones in the field as this can make a huge difference in getting the results you deserve.

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