For majority of moves, you will be able to plan carefully in advance. Typically, a timeline for eight weeks works very well. Nevertheless, last-minute movers are common with several people having to move in 4 weeks or less. Therefore, if a quick move is in your immediate plans, this guide will help you ensure a quick packing and sorting of your things.

Sort Your Things
One of the best things about moving in the last minute is that you can be ruthless on how to pack and sort. It’s a nice thing since the more things you get rid of, the lesser you need to move and pack that equals less energy and time. Several individuals think that for you to save time, they must just pack everything they sort and own later.

Ask for Assistance
Call your family and friends or professional services. Friends and family are anxious always to help out. Just ensure that before you enlist the support of the experts, you have an idea of what you require them to do. Packing things in your pile is a good task as it’s the job to get rid of the stuff you do not want to keep. Professionals can always help you pack your things or your entire household. You may find some companies that would organize garage sales for you.

Pack Your Things Properly
The first thing that you should do is to get your packing supplies. It is always recommended to use boxes for packing. Nevertheless, if you are moving with a short timeline, it is best to buy boxes as well as some packing supplies directly from the office supply shop or a moving store. This would save you from hunting for suitable used boxes. Another option when you move locally is to look for a green moving company who will provide you plastic bins for all of your packing requirements. It’s a good way to move as it will save your time and the environment as well.

Now that you already have the packing supplies you need, you should start packing the pile of the items. Take note that several items including big appliances may need special preparation. There are also some items that require specialized tools or packing supplies for them to be damage-free throughout the process of moving them to your new place. So, if you have things like sculptures or anything that’s valuable, make sure that you use the right packing supplies to avoid any problems in the long run.

If you are moving in a day, chances are that you haven’t bought bubble wrap, packing peanuts or boxes. But, some of your items can have dual purpose. You may use your bath towels when wrapping fragile glassware. Hampers, suitcases, and laundry bags may also be used instead of boxes. There are also other ways to use what you have already to help you with the moving process. All you have to do is to be creative.

As you’re packing, you’ll encounter some things that you can live without. There will also be items that you can just leave or throw to the trash, especially if you’re planning to replace it in the future. So, bring only what matters to you.

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