When the month of May comes, people usually think of flowers and Mother’s Day. However, did you know that this is also the start of the peak of moving season? May is officially the United States’ National Moving Month, the time when thousands of homeowners say goodbye to their old houses to start a new life in a new location. Literally millions of moves take place in the country each year. In Mandeville alone, there are also many families that decide to settle in this quaint area.

If you are searching for the best, most reputable, professional, and ethical movers in Mandeville, check out these handy tips that can help you out:

Check for License
If you will relocate to Mandeville, see to it that the mover you choose has a valid DOT number. This DOT number is the unique license number that the United States Department of Transportation issues to interstate movers. You can check the DOT number of the mover with the use of a database you can find online.

Inquire about Insurance
You can check the insurance status of a company on the same site where you can check if it is licensed. Avoid hiring movers who are not insured or licensed. Also, you have to check if your renter’s or homeowners’ policy will cover your personal property during the process. If not, you can consider getting a supplemental moving insurance.

Look into BBB
A reliable moving company must be accredited by the BBB. You can check the rating of the company easily through visiting BBB website. Also, you can check the online customer reviews on social websites like Facebook.

Stay Away from Movers That Switch Names
There are cheeky moving companies that avoid the assessment of BBB by doing business using different names. You have to check if the company has its local address stated on the site. A Mandeville moving company must obviously have local address and offices located in the area.

Ask for Referrals
Referrals are always a great way to find a reliable moving company. After you have taken a potential company through those basic checks mentioned above, you can now ask your family, friends, or colleagues if they can recommend that company. If you are working with a real estate agent, you can also ask him for referral.

Schedule a Comprehensive Walkthrough
A truly trustworthy moving company in Mandeville must schedule a walkthrough of your property to take note of the things that will be moved and give you fair estimate of costs accordingly. A big chunk that makes up fees of Mandeville movers are the weight of the things to be moved and the space they occupy in the truck. Estimators shouldn’t rush the job when they take inventory of your items. However, it is a must to note that movers might choose to charge some additional fees because of circumstances like moving to and from multi-storied buildings, and moving through narrow streets which are not easily accessible by moving trucks.
Take note of these things to find the best mover in Mandeville to help you with your relocation.

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