How to Find a Good Moving Company
When moving to a new place, it is always a wise idea to find a good moving company that will assist you throughout the process. Take note that moving isn’t easy and involves a lot of things like packing and organizing your belongings. So, if you don’t want to ruin your schedule and move to your new place with peace of mind, hire a moving company and here are the ways to find the best one suited for your needs:

Online Research
Majority of companies have sites that list their service history, services, destinations they’ll move to, and the cost involved. It’s a good place to get background information and to begin compiling a list of possible companies. In addition to that, majority of companies would list contact details such as email addresses, enabling you to ask some questions and be given with a written response.

Read Complaints and Reviews
Know what their previous customers are saying about them through searching online with the terms reviews and complaints along with the name of the moving company. Know whether the company has report on BBB that has reviews of thousands of moving related companies.

Get Referrals
Majority of people you know might have moved twice or once in their lifetime, so ask family, colleagues, and friends if they can suggest a company or if there is a moving company they don’t want you to hire.

Get Estimates
You should get at least 3 written in-home estimates. You should be suspicious if estimates are low or if the moving company gives estimates online or over the phone without the need to send a representative to scope out the work. This could be a sign that it’s a scam.

Verify Credentials
For the moves between the states, the mover should have a number issued through DOT or Department of Transportation. This serves as a license, which identifies the commercial vehicles that transport passengers and hauling cargo in the interstate commerce. If your chosen moving company is licensed, it must offer you a DOT number.

Determine Who Should Not Hire
If you do not have anybody to ask, the perfect place to start your research is by browsing online. Find the moving companies that are scam. There are some websites dedicated in revealing moving company scams. You can read some articles about them and you may also consider the messages that some clients post about warnings and problems of the moving company.

Moving can be stressful and frustrating if you don’t know where to get started. Fortunately, there are moving companies ready to help you. By following those tips above, you can easily determine which moving company is worth your time and money. Just make sure that you know your needs before you hire one to avoid some inconvenience in the long run and for the moving experts to know what should be done to meet your needs and give you the highest possible level of satisfaction.

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