How to Find a Reliable Moving Company in New Orleans

The secret in finding a new house is location, location, and location. However, finding a reliable moving company in New Orleans is all about research, research, and more research. During your search for movers, you have to ensure that your chosen moving company will not break your belongings or rip you off. Prior to signing any contract or booking your professional move, make sure you do your homework and remember the following tips to help you hire the most reliable movers in New Orleans.

Ask for Recommendations and Advice
if you are not too sure on how to find a trustworthy moving company, you might be surprised to know that a cold online search is not always the best place to start. In fact, it is much smarter to ask for some recommendations and referrals from your relatives or friends who used a local moving company in the past. You can post your question on Facebook or call your friends and ask for their help in finding movers. See to it that you also ask about the price and the positives and negatives of the moving experience of your friends. Get some scoop from those who recently moved as well. Another good source for moving referrals is real estate agents. You can also check online referral sites where you can read reviews from actual customers.

Pick Up the Phone
Once you have selected three moving companies which look like safe bets, get in touch with them to ensure that their moving business adheres to regulations and is not a moving scam. Make sure you only work with a company with local offices and is willing to send a member of their team to your house for doing the estimate. Stay away from companies that provide an estimate over the phone according to cubic feet as they can estimate low but end up charging you more.

Request your picks to visit your house for a personal estimate. Let them check your items and take note of both volume and value. Get every estimate into writing to help you compare companies, services, and their corresponding prices. This written estimate can also help you guarantee that the company will not sneak in any extra charges when the job is done. Lastly, ask for information on insurance coverage, references, and the DOT number of the company so you can proceed to the next step.

Go Back Online
After arming yourself with first-hand information regarding the professional movers you are considering hiring, it is time to look into their references. Contact the customers whose names were given to you as referrals and know first-hand regarding their moving experience. Use their DOT number to look into their record and check if they have the license for transporting your belongings. Once you have finished covering these bases, you will be able to reach an informed decision and hire a professional moving company that you feel secure to use for your upcoming move.

Moving in New Orleans, or any state for that matter, entails a lot of work, and it is your responsibility to protect yourself during the process. Hire a reliable moving company, and take the stress off your shoulders.

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