Before anything else, it is good that you are taking time to ask this question and knowing the answer to it for you to be off to a great and safe start. There is nothing that can ruin the moving process more than being that person in the horror story whose items have all been stolen by movers or charged 300 percent more than the initial quote. It is a must to keep yourself from scammers and rogue movers.

What is an Insured Mover?
It is a must that you first know the difference between a mover that offers insurance and a moving company that is insured. If your moving company is insured, it only means that they are backed by a basic moving insurance which will be the one to cover a very tiny part of loss or damage to your items while they are handling it, usually at a payout rate of $0.60 for each pound for every item. This means that a $1000 worth of TV of 10 pounds will seen an insurance check amounting to $6.00.
There are some other movers who provide a much better choice, which is the chance to buy a full valuation and additional insurance. A full valuation will cover the overall cost of replacement or repair in case your moving company ends up ruining or losing some really valuable items during the moving process, such as fine china and gold.

What is a Licensed Mover?
Requirements and regulations for licensure can differ from one state to another. You can check with the requirements for your state using the different resources available right now. There are states that require their movers to register with them as a moving company and to provide a minimum of two choices for insurance, other released-value or full-valuation. There are also states that have other requirements. Aside from insurance, states could also set standards about mover agreements, liability, estimates, and others.
If you will more across state lines, your moving company must have a federal licensure that requires the moving company to follow specific guidelines about safety measures, insurance, financial responsibility, and others. When your potential moving company travels across state lines, you have to check to ensure that they will be licensed for the interstate moves.

How Will You Know?
The first and the most obvious way for checking out the credentials of a moving company is to just them outright. But, if you ask a burglar whether he is a burglar or not, chances are he will not even tell you truth. Having said this, you have to ask them for the copy of their Certificate of Insurance or COI, as well as to see their federal or state license. If you will book a mover online, it is likely they have credentials that have been listed on the website you are booking through.

When it comes to insurance, make sure you always ask for things in writing either on via email or on paper. This way, you can retain proof of coverage and know the exact things you will be entitled to.

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