The historic district of downtown Covington revolves around enjoying life, culture, and amazing food. Quirky shops, art galleries, antiques, boutiques, and several restaurants make Covington an exceptional getaway. That is the reason why more and more people are interested in moving to this place. If you’re one of them, you might want to know how to hire trusted movers in Covington, LA.
To hire only the best and trusted movers in Covington, LA, follow these tips:

Check the Pricing and Availability
Trusted movers are booked often, so never delay. If you are moving during colder months, you might get away with last-minute reservation, yet summer and spring fill fast. Once you call any trusted movers, you have to remember these:

Flexibility of Moving Date – It is helpful if you could move on weekdays rather than weekends.

Pricing – Majority of movers charge per hour, so the price might be lower or higher than the quoted. Nevertheless, they are accurate at estimating on how long your move could take. Expect that you will be asked about how many people are in the household, how many floors or rooms you are moving from, and what types of heavy or big pieces of furniture you own. You should also take note that you will need to pay the travel time of the movers, unless it’s just a local move. This includes the time it’ll take them to return to your place from your new destination. You should also clear things out if you will need to pay for fuel surcharge and how they handle more time. You must also ask if there are extra fees you might be charged based on some circumstances including stair or elevator usage.

Number of the Movers – Remember that 2 movers are much cheaper than 3 movers, yet three movers can get the job done faster. Therefore, when you are comparing estimates, keep this in mind. Cheaper hourly rates might end up costing more if the move takes a little longer.

Payment Method – Other movers would accept personal checks and credit cards, yet some would prefer cash. Never be intimidated once they do not take the credit cards. If you pay in cash, it ensures that you afford the move and you will need cash for the tip anyway.

Ask for Some Personal Recommendations
There are tons of review sites online that you can check. However, before using these sites, it might be a good idea to ask some of your friends or anyone who moved to Covington before. With this, you can also ask for their experiences with their hired local movers and you will be able to know the companies that you should avoid.

Pack Wisely
Many movers will pack your things for extra fees. This might include the price of the boxes and some packing supplies and hourly rate for labor. If you do not like to pay more than you have to, you should pack everything yourself and must be done before movers arrive.

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