Truck rentals that are used for moving are made to hold a particular amount of things, normally measured by cubic feet. For example, there are some trucks that are larger and smaller. However, the truck’s capacity means nothing if you do not know how to maximize the storage space through loading and packing like professionals.

More often than not, the movers do not know how to load their goods effectively into their moving truck, which result to some space left unused while some household items are left behind. Below are the tips on how to pack and load your moving truck so you will be able to do the job like a pro and make most of the available space.

Load Big Items First
There are 2 schools of thought in terms of what must be loaded into the truck first. Several experts believe that the biggest items must be loaded first to ensure that you will have a room necessary for them. Some believe that you must load your boxes, building walls of boxes from your truck’s backside to the door. However, if you have lots of boxes with equal sizes, you will find it much easier if you will go with walls of boxes for you to make most of your space. Through packing in this manner, you may load up the truck floor to the ceiling with the boxes. Just make sure that you tied down everything to get rid of an avalanche.

Load Mirrors and Pictures
Mirrors and pictures can break easily in the moving truck’s back side. Therefore, to protect them, slide them between the mattresses. They must be packed and wrapped properly, yet through placing them between the mattresses, this will make the best use of the space while ensuring nothing was placed on top of them.

Distribute Weight in an Even Manner
Distributing weight evenly in your truck will not just make it much easier to load or unload, yet it would make your truck easier to control when you get on the road. You may load the heavy items against the walls so you could keep the floor’s middle open for easy loading.

Try Using Bookshelves
You do not want to store your books on the bookshelf as its moved, yet can be a convenient way to store smaller boxes. Through loading your bookshelf in the truck with the boxes you have, you can use the available space to the fullest, which can also help you load more things.

Disassemble the Tables for Packing
The tables take up lots of space once left together. To condense the table’s size, just take that apart and load that in your truck in pieces. You may also set the table on the side, flat against the wall as well as it hardly takes space. If your table can’t be taken apart, you may just load in your truck and store the boxes or some of your things underneath it and on top of that to take advantage of the space left.

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