Finding Trusted Movers in Slidell, LA

Moving can be really complicated, yet it does not have to be so stressful. With proper planning, little research, and assistance of trusted movers in Slidell, LA, you can be assured that you’ll avoid scams and get rid of some stress associated with your move. Below are the ways on how you can find the most reliable movers:

Check the Credentials – Once you have created a list of movers you can hire when moving to Slidell, LA, contact every company and get their full name, number of years in the industry, MC license numbers, and so on. With some credentials in hand, you can be assured that you’re dealing with the right professionals for your moving needs.

Dust Off Yellow Pages – It is essential to recognize that not every moving company website represents legitimate moving companies. Your phone book can also help you find some established moving companies that have physical address and real offices.

Look for a Trusted Advisor – Talk to any home improvement contractors or some professionals you knew who have worked with movers daily and they can provide a professional perspective.

Talk to Your Friends – A good professional mover will be happy customers eager to share opinions. Search on social media and ask your friends if they’ve had positive experiences with any moving company in Slidell, LA.

Obtain Price Estimates
Reliable moving companies will comply with the different rules and regulations of federal requiring in-home estimates. Representative would want to visit your facility or home to survey your goods and give estimates of cost. Make sure to schedule at least 2 visits so you’ll have confidence in estimates you receive.

Beware of the estimates provided over the internet or phone without visual survey. The way you’ll describe your things and the way movers view them might vary, which could lead to changes in the pricing. Meeting face to face will clarify such points and help ensure accurate pricing from the start. During estimates, take some time to show representatives all items you want to move. It’s easy to overlook stuffs in the attic, storage or basement. Movers must be asking you probing questions so that they could price the job adequately and accurately. You must feel free to ask some questions to assure confidence in the moving company.
Ask about the options on valuation. The valuation options you choose determine the maximum liability of movers for damage or loss caused by their transportation and handling. The mover’s liability for damage or loss is based upon the tariffs of the mover and the federal regulations and laws and has some particular exclusions and limitations.

Finding trusted movers in Slidell, LA may be challenging, but by following those tips above, you will be able to get rid of the scams and stick with the ones that would worth your time and effort. Geaux Movers is one of the best professional movers you can trust, especially when moving to Slidell, LA and some parts of Louisiana.