Ponchatoula is just a small city located in Tangipahoa Parish, LA. It is renowned as the world’s strawberry capital and gateway to New Orleans. It also part of Hammond Micropolitan Statistical Area. Generally, it hosts strawberry festival every month of April and each Autumn, the city celebrates Oktoberfest.

The town is also known for its numerous antique shops along the Pine Street that are open year-round. It may be small, yet it has several attractions including a sign on the town’s with the miles it lies from the Wall Drug store of South Dakota. The office of Chamber of Commerce is situated on Highway 22 at railroad trucks and has details about these and some sights in town and its surrounding area.

If you are moving to Ponchatoula for some reasons, you might consider to do packing on your own, yet do you want to do moving as well? If yes, you will have to rent a truck, some 2-wheeler handcarts and several pads to protect your furniture. After that, you will have to recruit friends to feed and help them. You might want to compare that to the overall cost of hiring moving professionals.

In the world of moving companies, you will always find the one that will offer you the lowest price just to get the job and would demand bigger amount of money before unloading your things from their truck. So, never hire a moving company without considering a background check. You may also check the company that has certification program. You must also be wary of the moving companies that don’t have certification.
Questions You May Ask When Finding Trusted Movers in Ponchatoula, LA

Even when you’re using an honest, legitimate moving company, you might experience worst things if you do not know what services the professionals are providing at a particular cost. Below are some of the basic questions you should ask:

* What are the terms for insurance you should know for the move? Typically, you’ll have to buy an insurance option for the items lost or damaged in transport. Does that insurance cover the item’s full value?
* Is the price of the quote estimate?
* Are there some hidden charges? Moving professionals frequently work from tariff that lists the items for which you might be charged like if there are involved stairs.
* Is the moving staff employed by casual laborers, temporary hires or by the company?
* How long the company in business?

You should also ask for the copy of the valuation coverage policy, liability insurance, and bill of lading of the mover. Every moving company should assume liability for the cost of the things they have transported. Released value is basically a no-cost option that offers minimal protection, which requires the movers to cover the damages at particular percentage. On the other hand, full value is considered as the most comprehensive option, yet the cost differs. Aside from that, you must also ask for a timetable from your hired movers for you to determine the arrival and packing date.

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