You have surely seen and heard about people whose items were held hostage on moving trucks while the movers demand a ransom before returning the belongings of their customer. It is no doubt the kind of nightmare that no one wants to experience. Some other issues which can happen when you hire an untrustworthy moving company in Louisiana is are damaged furniture items which are not properly insured, inexperienced movers who incur injuries while moving or lifting your belongings, missing valuables, and so much more.

To stay away from these problems, it is a must to find only the most trusted moving company in the state. Here are the steps you have to take to help you hire the best movers:

Get 3 or More in-Home Estimates into Writing
Every time a company sends their representative to your house, they can give you a realistic estimate of the job’s overall scope. They will see your belongings and all the items that will go into the truck that will be transported to your new home. Through this, you will get an exact estimate of the price of the service. With a minimum of three estimates, you will be able to compare and evaluate movers and choose the company that you are most confident with. If the price of the company is too good to be true, look at them with suspicion.

Online Review Websites Will Reveal What Past Customers Have to Say
Check online for reviews to see what past customers can say about their experiences with a specific moving company. You can never expect companies to be perfect from top to bottom so aside from bad reviews, make sure you also check their response to such reviews.

Confer with Neighbors and Real Estate Agents
Realtors know firsthand those movers you have to avoid and the ones to trust. Confer with your agent before you make a decision. They have best interest in making sure that your move will be as smooth as possible. While your neighbors might not have vested any interest, they will be able to tell you about their personal experiences and what companies they can recommend and what to avoid at all cost. By getting first hand information, you can save yourself from a dishonest and unreliable moving company.

Visit the Facilities in Person
Before you reach your final decision as to what moving company to choose, you might want to go out and personally visit their facilities. You can go look and see if things are well organized and neat enough to your taste. Check if the employees are eager to help and friendly. They must also be willing to show you around the facility when you suddenly appear unannounced. Were you treated well during your visit? The observations you will gain from this visit will give you a sound idea as to how the company will handle the move and look after your belongings once they are loaded on their truck.

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