Mandeville is recognized as St. Tammany Parish’s oldest inhabited town. Lake Pontchartrain offers a good deal of pleasure for boaters and swimmers of all kinds of crafts. Mandeville flourishes as a beautiful bird sanctuary as well. There are also different shopping areas, award winning restaurants, and a great school system to please each palate. The quality of life as well as professional services make Mandeville as an amazing place to visit and live.

If you have decided to move in Mandeville for particular reasons, you should follow these steps to ensure that you find reputable moving companies:

Never Forget to Do Your Homework
Ask your family or friends to recommend some moving companies in Mandeville. You would want to hire licensed moving companies and one with solid rate with BBB. You should also check the online forums for moving company reviews. Some reviews are outliers, yet if there is a pattern of complaints, you should move on. If you are moving long distance, you should search for a moving company that specializes in it. There are moving companies that often subcontract long distance move and the level of quality might suffer.

Interview Several Companies
Once you have narrowed the field, have the best contenders visit your house to look at all of your things and let them provide estimates. While they are in your home, ask about their fees for some things like assembling or disassembling furniture and specialty packing. The best mover will go through all questions ahead of time and would guarantee that they have complete breakdown of all the moving needs. Usually, the bad movers will rush the sale and would plan to charge you for small items on moving day. If the moving company likes to give you quotes over the phone without inspecting your things and home, take that off your list.

Know Your Rights
Movers should abide by the rules and regulations. Such rules include your right to a written inventor and accurate estimate of your things. See to it that you also get agreements in writing from your movers and that every field has been filled out once you sign the contract.

Insurance is Everything
Moving companies should include basic insurance protection. This isn’t a good coverage if you have a big screen LED TV that is breakable and heavy. Protect the things that are expensive through purchasing an additional policy that would offer replacement value for your things. You should not also forget to declare the items that have high value. For the local moves, check with the insurance policy of renters or homeowners to know whether it offers coverage for your things during a move.

Several moving companies will not insure items that they have not packed themselves. Therefore, leave the wrapping of fragile items to the professionals even if the cost may add up. The best moving professionals can do that in a day and would ensure that your items are damage free.

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