Top 10 Reasons to Move to New Orleans

For the longest time, New Orleans has been well-known for being a tourist destination, and not necessarily a place to live in for good. But, ask any native of the place, and they will surely tell you that nothing beats New Orleans as a place on earth you can call home. If you have plans to move soon, here are some of the reasons why moving to New Orleans is the best decision you can ever make for yourself and your family.

1. It’s One of the Country’s Fastest Growing Cities
New Orleans has been a consistent inclusion in the list of fastest growing cities in the US. The local economy is seeing a remarkable boom, making it a promising place of residence for many families.

2. A City Moving at Perfect Speed
Despite being filled with activities, life, and excitement, New Orleans sets itself apart from other cities as it moves at relatively slow pace which make it easier for you to feel comfortable in your new home.

3. There’s Something Going On Every Time
Big cities always have something to offer to everyone, but what makes New Orleans different is apart from music and restaurants, there are also a lot of events to attend and parks to check out.

4. History is Everywhere
New Orleans is filled with such rich history that you can get a glimpse of it no matter where you look. In fact, it is considered as among the country’s most historic cities, and for a good reason.

5. Lots of Exciting Choices of Food
Your appetite is no doubt among the most important things to check out when moving to a new place. In New Orleans, you can expect to get loads of great food that you will never be able to resist.

6. Museums Within Reach
Art and culture play a major role in any city. Moving to New Orleans will never make you miss out on these two. The city has lots of museums you can check out anytime, such as the Memorial Hall Museum and the National World War II Museum.

7. The Language
No other places in the US have unique dialects and accents like New Orleans. With a heavy influence of the French Spanish, speaking in New Orleans might probably catch you off guard if you are not a native of the area.

8. Experience Mardi Gras
The Mardi Gras is possibly one of the first things which pop up in your mind when you talk about New Orleans. Aside from being a famous tourist attraction, there is something special about it that even most lifelong residents can never resist.

9. Stunning Architecture Right Before Your Eyes
Thanks to its age, New Orleans also abounds with scenic architecture you cannot simply find anywhere else. The city is filled with buildings inspired by various cultures and rich history.

10. Wonderful Music Scene
Last but not the least, New Orleans is full of live music, with a deep-rooted history in jazz. Whatever time of the week it might be, you can easily find wonderful music to listen to in this place.

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