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Long Distance Moving

If you’re someone who’s’ ever had to experience shifting from home to home growing up, then you’d know what an incredibly stressful and challenging task it is to plan out and accomplish exactly as planned. Moving is hard work. However, know that our team is full of what it takes to successfully complete a move without having even a single damage occur during any jobs we complete. This is a job that is meticulously time consuming and overly trying at times also, so if you fail to invest in the right moving company, then you will never be able to forgive yourself for all the types of problems waiting to be created, and go unheard and not taken proper care of! We provide satisfaction to its fullest, or else we agree that we will handle the mishaps accordingly. Which it’s rare our employees ever even have any damages, if at all ever!

So, when you work with us, then you can look forward to the following services!

Great packaging
what’s the best part about working with us? Well because we offer great packaging methods. This means we make sure, no matter what the size is, all products are packaged in a professional manner. We also only use the best quality of materials when our employees pack things for you. This is why we can be so adamant when we say our customers’ products will always reach their destination in proper condition. Very often when articles are not packed properly, they sometimes end up reaching the destination broken, but this is one problem you don’t have to even consider when choosing to work with us.

Excellent protection
from packing the goods in a proper, professional manner, we make sure, that the journey to the required destination is smooth sailing. At no point in time will you find our movers arriving to the place late or without the goods in tip- top condition. We are always certain to have our employees take the best route available, so things don’t end up experiencing any sort of issues. If you wish, then you can even keep a track of things, by making use of your smart phone. Our GPS system is in place and we pride ourselves on being incredibly tech savvy and make it able to locate a truck no matter where it is.

Careful storage of products
before our company employees begin to take off down the road we make sure that they’ve uploaded everything onto our company truck, with the extreme caution and care. Never, will any customer, ever find our employees simply throwing property around and mistreating it in a unsatisfied manner which is just absolutely absurd and will never happen within this company. We always create a careful list of all products that are loaded on board and we always make sure to secure everything either with ropes and/or tape.

Masterful setting up
one of the best parts about working with our company? We make sure the job gets done in time. Besides moving things from place to place, we make sure to help as much as were allowed to in setting the things up as well after we offload the truck.

Great Communication
you can always get in contract with someone who works for Lefty’s Moving Services no matter the time, if our driver is still completing a job for you then the office will remain open until that said truck comes in finished. We prefer to always have an open line involving communicating with our customers and updating them of everything that’s going on. At no given moment will a customer ever have to be anxious or confused about where their things are located during any moving jobs we complete. Ever. Our employees are truly aware of how serious it is to always have an open, honest communication during any jobs we do.

These are simply some of the few services which we offer to those availing of our long distance movers. Regardless if you want your things moved to Baton Rouge, Metairie or even in New Orleans, you can certain that Lefty’s Moving Services will get the job done in a proper manner. Our arrangement is setup for us to be able to successfully be able to do any job with as little effort as possible. One way or the other, we have a solution to your every moving need.

Investing your money in a company is no small matter that is why, come what may we try our best to put a smile on all our clients’ faces. Had our services not been so exceptional, then we would not have been able to build such an incredible clientele. Most often than not we are willing to even bend backwards to do our job in a satisfactory manner. We make it a point to never leave any tasks incomplete. Unless we are without a doubt certain that the job was completed to the best of our ability.