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Kenner ranks as the 6th largest city in the state of Louisiana. This is also the biggest city in Jefferson Parish, the second most populous parish of Louisiana, and a New Orleans suburb. During the 2010 census, Kenner’s population has been noted to be around 66,702. With its quaint family homes, Kenner is one of the most ideal locations for those who are hoping and dreaming to live and enjoy a quintessential life in the state.

If you have been planning to move to Kenner, let Geaux Movers be right by your side to give you the help you need. First, our expert movers will let you in on what you can expect to get in Kenner, and how your life will be if you choose to stay here for good. Call today (985) 236-8800

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You can ask them about any questions you might have, such as job-related ones, or whether or not the schools around the area are good. On this note, rest assured that Kenner will be a great place for kids who go to school. You and your students can be confidence in knowing that there is a high graduation rate in the place, with most of the schools being rated topnotch, not to mention the good teacher to student ratio to ensure a more fine-tuned learning experience. Those who are still single and will move to the town of Kenner, you can also expect to meet new faces that will make your circle of friends bigger. There is no shortage on fun and excitement in Kenner, and you can experience them all when your move is as smooth and efficient as you want it to be.

Our local movers at Geaux Movers are fully committed to making your Kenner move as stress-free and hassle-free as possible. It is not a secret that the mere thought of moving can be a pain in itself, much less when the day of the move comes. Did you know that moving is in fact the number three primary cause of stress in a person’s life? Thankfully, with Geaux Movers, you can count on our team of highly trained and skilled moving professionals whose goal is to free you from this kind of stress.

We have been the business for several years now, consistently working to make the craft of moving as perfect and seamless as possible. The process starts by getting the details of your move for us to identify the best and most suitable way of carrying it through. After that, we will give you the chance to choose whether you will pack your belongings yourself, or if you will use our assistance to lift heavier items and boxes to your moving truck. Or, we can also come and do the packing on your behalf, a complete and comprehensive move right from the beginning to the end so that you don’t have to lift even a single box.

No matter what method you choose, Geaux Movers is here to guide the way. When you are ready to move, you just have to pick up that phone and call us.

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