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We provide moving services to residents in Covington, LA and also businesses if you are in need of local or long distance moving services we have the solutions for you whether you are moving one piece or an entire office Geaux Movers can help save you money on your move. Moving can be difficult if you do not do the proper planning ahead of time, thats why when you hire us we provide you with a detailed moving plan from start to finish to help organize and save you time on your moving.  Give us a call today and hire the professionals at Geaux Movers for your local or long distance moving service.

 If you plan on moving in Covington, LA Geaux Movers has the solutions you need for all of your moving plans, we specialize in all types of moves. Big or small, we can handle them all. We provide you with the moving truck, pads, tools, dollies, and all of the proper equipment for your move. Give Geaux Movers a call today and let us show you why we are the mover for you.

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Do you need to hire a local and professional moving company in Covington, LA ? We specialize in all types of moving services, whether you are looking to move a small office or your entire home the professional movers here at Geaux Movers can provide you with a logistic solution to help make your move go as planned. We provide several types of moving services to the resdients and business owners of Covington, if you are looking for a professional relocations team we have the solutions for your move big or small we can haul it all. Get in touch with our Covigton relocations team and find out why geaux movers is the moving company to put your move at ease.

Movning Services Covington

Do you need help with packing boxes in Covington? We have a team of professional packers located in Covington ready for dispatch for all of your packing needs get in touch with our team today and let us handle the logistics for all of your moving needs. We know moving can be difficult but we strive to make your move a stress free one here at Geaux Movers. Let us take the load off at Geaux Movers of Covington today give us a call and stop waiting.

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