Packing your boxes for your move may seem and sound like a very simple and easy task. However, did you know that there are really wrong and right ways to pack for the most successful move? If a moving box has been packed properly, this will protect all your items in it to make sure that none of your valuables will be damaged or broken during transit.

Best Practices for Packing Your Moving Boxes
It is often recommended to use a corrugated and new box when you pack your moving boxes. If you hope to save some cash on your budget for the move, and you pack with used boxes, see to it you test the boxes for durability in advance.

The box’s strength must support the items it contains. The ideal box is one that is in good condition and rigid enough with no tears, punctures, damages, or rips to the corners.
After you have prepared durable and high quality packing moving boxes, there are several steps you have to take for properly packing every box:
* Use a packing tape to reinforce the box’s bottom box. It is specifically important when the box is already used or broken down. It will also ensure that no item inside the box will fall out through the bottom during transit.
* Place the heavy items on the bottom part of the box then pile the lighter ones on top.
* If there are any empty spaces inside the box, fill these using fabric such as clothing or dishtowels, or you can also use bubble wrap or butcher paper for support. It will ensure that all your items inside the box will not shift or move around during transport.
* Never pack your moving boxes at more than 20 kilograms. Aside from making it more difficult to lift the box, an excessively heavy box might also likely give or tear out at the lower part.
* See to it that all of your packing boxes for the move can seal and close properly on the top part. Don’t pack a box which cannot be closed or with items that stick out on the top.

Even though the guidelines mentioned above to pack the boxes for your move may sound basic, these are essential if you like to make sure that you will have an efficient or quick relocation to your new house.
There are a lot of people who are not aware that moving companies will choose to refuse transporting self-packed boxes that are not packed properly, not durable, or contain hazardous materials such as firearms, paint, and fuel. If the moving company has to pack the box again for you, expect that they are going to charge you for this service.

An Important Reminder
Make sure that you don’t use garbage bags to pack your items instead of boxes. These garbage bags will tear and rip easily if these are not heavy duty enough, causing more trouble than they are worth during the move. Pack towels, clothing, and linens inside bigger garment bags instead.

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