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Full Packing Services

Planning on moving into a new more modern house or relocating the office space from where we’ve been forever? Will you be changing your business address anytime here soon? Lefty’s Moving Services will take care of your packing needs and cross it off from your moving checklist. Whatever packing that still needs to be completed, you can most certainly count on the experts’ team here at Lefty’s Moving Services! We will always be willing and available to take care of everything your move requires, on your behalf! We also provide a rather large supply of assorted sized moving boxes and other packing supplies that could very well be possibly required. The certified and skilled packing experts employed with Lefty’s Moving Services can pack literally, anything. We’re here to cut you back on some time, and help with ensuring all customers’ belongings always arrive intact in the preferred new location. We are extra careful and proper while we effortlessly do all of your packing of high valued, and fragile, Such as: top dollar pieces of art, antiques, expensive electronics, china glass, porcelain and/or porcelain dolls, and even with the handling of any type of crystal.

There are certain people who opt to handle all required packing necessary on their own, without the professionals, while there’s the other customers who go for the less hands on moving plan decided upon. Professionals just make much more sense every time I’m asked about it. Don’t you agree?! Whatever it may be, Lefty’s Moving Services can adhere for the packing services to suit our customers’ budgets, their timelines, and even their belongings and most prized possessions. Whatever the decision is that you finally agree upon, please choose the professionals!

Custom Packing
Odd-shaped, and/or larger sized items tend to require a more specific package. Lefty’s Moving Services provides everything needed and required for a safe efficient move to be complete, from the use of blanket wrap, custom cartons, to shrink wrapping, palletizing, and/or even crating. Our experts will be more than happy to recommend the best packaging method our employees deem suitable for every item that needs it to done.
Dos and Don’ts in Packing and Moving
• Do remove the batteries from your electronics, toys, etc. before packing
• Do label each package complete with the return address and destination address.
• Do check with experts from Lefty’s Moving Services prior to trying to safely pack breakable items alone.
• Do ship wrapped presents beforehand to new location, especially if you will be flying.
• Don’t use materials such as real popcorn or real newspapers to pack any of your items
• Don’t wrap any type of boxes using brown paper or tie any with any type of strings.
• Don’t use masking tape, duct tape, or cellophane tape for sealing boxes that will be packed and moved.
• Don’t use gift boxes or old boxes when packing.

How we Pack Your Items and Belongings
when it is time to pack things up, Lefty’s Moving Services will come to your house or office armed with all the necessary, required materials:
• We will need an open, flat space such as a table or counter to do work on top of.
• We will carefully hand-wrap any and all breakable items then put them into special cartons.
• We will hang clothes in the wardrobe cartons to ensure they’ll be ready to wear once you unpack.
• For delicate, larger sized items, such as antique furniture, our experts will be sure to place cushion and wrap them for a safe transport.
• If necessary, we will also make wooden crates to protect any bigger, more elaborate, and even more breakable items such as crystal chandeliers.